Chinook Blast Submissions 

We are closed for submissions. Thank you everyone who sent in their work.

General Submissions

General submissions will re-open in Spring 2021. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for announcements.

Chapbooks and short story collections (up to 20,000 words)

We accept chapbooks and short story collections in any genre or category. We do not publish poetry collections, flash fiction or anything under 2,000 words.

Novellas (up to 40,000 words)

We accept novella-length manuscripts in any genre or category. We accept weird and experimental fiction, genre fiction, literary fiction and anything in-between. We welcome writers from all nationalities, backgrounds, faith and ethnicity. 

Why do we publish novellas, chapbooks and short stories?

These formats are perfect for writers who don’t have extensive publishing credentials, particularly those who have not yet published a novel. Our role as a publisher is to advance the artist, and by publishing these manuscripts, instead of novel-length, we can allow the artist to save their ‘debut’ or series for a more established publisher. We see our role as kick-starters in your literary career.


We will ask you to fill out a form and include:

  • The name of your protagonist, their goal, and the environment they are in
  • A brief pitch of your story
  • Your bio and contact information

Your manuscript must be complete and ready-to-go. Please do not submit if your work is incomplete.

If submitting a collection of short stories, please describe the protagonist in your first story. 

Why do we want a form?

We are a small operation and we want to read through each submission quickly to get a sense of what your book is like. We have day jobs, and we don’t have time to read everyone’s first fifty pages. The form will give us enough information about the world, setting, stakes and situation of your character. We will get a sense of the genre. 

What happens next?

If we want to move forward, we will request the first three chapters and synopsis. From there, we will request the full manuscript and begin a book discussion with you. It is important that we share a vision for the work, and that we are the ideal publisher for the work.

How is work selected?

We select work that we believe fits within our market. We are both a publisher and bookseller, and it’s important to know that our model is different than other publishers.