General Submissions

Submissions are now closed. Thank you for sharing your stories and we look forward to reading them.

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Short story (up to 8,000 words)

We publish single short stories in any genre up to 8,000 words. Please use 12 pt Times font, double-spaced. There is no theme, and no restriction on what you can submit. 

Our printer can not print our design files if they are less than 28 typeset pages. Please keep this in mind if you have very short pieces. We cannot print them.

We accept all genres including crime, thriller, romance, adventure, action, historical, sci-fi, literary fiction and anything in-between. 

We welcome writers from all nationalities, backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities.

Watch our video about submitting short stories.

Why do we publish chapbooks and short stories?

These formats are perfect for writers who don’t have extensive publishing credentials, particularly those who have not yet published a novel. Even established authors may want to try their hand at something new or outside their typical work, and small format books are great for them too.

Our role as a publisher is to advance the artist, and by publishing these manuscripts, instead of novel-length, we can allow the artist to save their ‘debut’ or series for a more established publisher. We see our role as kick-starters in your literary career.


We will ask you to fill out a form and include:

  • The name of your protagonist, their goal, and the environment they are in
  • A brief pitch of your story
  • Your bio and contact information

Your manuscript must be complete and ready-to-go. Please do not submit if your work is incomplete.


Why do we want a form?

We are a small operation and we want to read through each submission quickly to get a sense of what your story is like. We have day jobs, and once we have your manuscript we like to move fast. The form will give us enough information about the world, setting, stakes and situation of your character. We will get a sense of the genre. 

What happens next?

If we want to publish your story, we will read your work, and contact you to start the editing process. It is important that we share a vision for the story including cover design and typesetting, and that we are the ideal publisher for the work. We provide a written contract agreement prior to starting any work.

How is work selected?

We select work that we enjoy reading. We have a wide range of interests, so please don't write for us - write the story you want to write. 

We are both a publisher and bookseller, and it’s important to know that our model is different than other publishers. 

Do I have to be a Canadian writer to submit?

No, our general submissions call is open to all writers internationally. If we have a grant-funded project open, we will stipulate if there are any restrictions on nationality.

We never have age restrictions, so writers of any age are invited to submit.

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